Al Buruuj Construction is embarked modestly into the world of construction and in short period become famous for its integrity and commitment for work.

Al Buruuj Construction is well-known for its construction capabilities which are an epitome of seamless integration of our company’s objectives, corporate culture, management & information systems as well as work-friendly infrastructure, with state-of-the-art machinery, efficient business processes and skilled work force.Being proud of our achievements, we will march forward to add value to our commitments and capabilities in the construction industry while adhering to the highest international standards of safety and quality.

Construction Equipments :

Dump Trucks 8 units
Bulldozers 4 units
Bulldozers 4 units
Loaders 3 units
Proclaim 4 units
Grader 3 units
Loader Truck 1 unit
Roller 2 units
Rigs 1 unit